February 2017 Newsletter


Dear Members,

It is with a heavy heart we share the sad news of the passing of David McNabb, husband of Tara, Lisbeth McNabb. Below is a message from Lisbeth:

Faith, Hope and Love.
But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

With our sons, Darby, Max and Ben, I share a note with grief and sadness.
David McNabb died last night. 2.26.17 60 years of age. A month ago he went from a few weeks of sick, kidney infection, to the emergency room, to a scan that told us he had cancer masses from colon to liver. Terminal Cancer. The last few weeks we had hospice and David in our home.

The sons, Max and Ben, were able to be here all the weekends, Darby by phone, and we celebrated life, shared pictures and stories, and had some San Francisco favorite experiences. We needed to stay close, private and focus on David and each other. We cared for David and he communicated the legacy of his gifts he gave. Faithful, great listener, humble, high integrity, kind and a really witty man with a love of words. The love of my life husband. The father of our blended family, our sons together from birth or marriage, that we had the goal to build the loving rituals deep and we have. Together we will continue.

This is sudden news.
If you’d like to share a note, a prayer, pictures, story with our family, and for sharing at the memorial, please send to:
My sons and I will read it fully.

The memorial will be in April at St. Michael’s and All Angels, Dallas, with an announcement in the paper and online.

With Love,
Lisbeth, Darby, Max and Ben

We send our deepest sympathies to Lisbeth and her family.


Registration will be open NEXT MONTH! At that time you will be able to register for the Mini-Retreat and there will also be information on how you can book a private appointment with Jose Stevens and Tom Brady.9735054295_2fbc2939c0_k

However, you can register for your Pre and Post Trips now! Be sure to book your flights as soon as possible and check out our website for information on how to book your room!

Pre and Post Trip Opportunities:

If you are interested in participating in the optional excursions,
please fill out this registration form!

Belizean Grove
Optional Excursions
Provided by Great Southwest Adventures
September 13 – 17, 2017, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Enhance your visit to New Mexico by joining one or more of the customized excursions that have been created for the Belizean Grove gathering.  An outing with an expert guide will provide insights into the origins of Santa Fe’s architecture, art, food and culture.

CLICK HERE for descriptions of all the exciting Pre and Post Trip opportunities!

NotePrices are per person and all-inclusive: guides, comfortable, fully-insured transportation, entrance fees, commercial permits, meals where indicated, water, snacks, gratuities for drivers/guides, New Mexico tax. If you are arriving earlier or staying later, please contact Great SW Adventures directly for other touring possibilities.  


Rooms in Santa Fe are filling up fast!

CLICK HERE for Registration Information


2017 Neverville Weekend

Co-founder Edie Weiner has generously agreed to host members at her vacation home in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania referred to as “Neverville.”

A few of the slots were already spoken for in Cuba, so register now as space is limited and applications will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  This year, Edie has agreed to offer an extra day, so the weekend will extend from Thursday evening, August 3rd through Sunday noon, August 6th.  We expect the weekend to be sold out well before that, so please get your reservation in quickly!



Know a Potential New Member?

If anyone would like to nominate a potential Grover, TARA, or Nyomi, please submit your nomination packet ASAP.

Please do not forward to us applications for anyone who:

1. You don’t personally know

2. You wouldn’t be willing to share a room with on a retreat

3. You do not have at least one seconder for

4. You believe is “on the way” but is not quite there yet … save the application for a future time when the candidate would have probably achieved her first success story and her application will have the ‘wow’ effect on first impression.

Click HERE to Download the Nyomi Application.

Click HERE to Download the TARA Application.

Click HERE to Download the Grover application.

Please submit all applications with resume to leslie@belizeangrove.org


What the Grovers and Taras Have been Up to Lately…

Karen Van Bergen is going to be honored as the Corporate Honoree at the NY Pops concert and gala this May. The New York Pops will celebrate its 34th Birthday Gala on Monday, May 1, 2017 with a festive concert at Carnegie Hall followed by dinner and dancing at the Mandarin Oriental hotel! The orchestra’s Board of Directors proudly chose to announce that this year’s Corporate Honoree is Karen van Bergen, CEO of Omnicom Public Relations Group. With 30 years of international
marketing, communications, and public affairs experience, Karen is held in very high regard in the industry and they are delighted to recognize her for her many professional accomplishments. Karen is being honored alongside Music Honorees Kelli O’Hara and Bartlett Sher.

Naomi McDougall Jones (Nyomi) is getting ready to head into production on her second feature film, Bite Me, on April 24th in New York City. It is a subversive romantic comedy about the real-life subculture of people who believe that they’re vampires and the IRS agent who audits them (www.bitemethefilm.com). Naomi wrote the screenplay and will star alongside Christian Coulson (Harry Potter; Love is Strange; Nashville), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), and Annie Golden (Orange is the New Black, Cheers, Hair). The film will be directed by Hannah Cheesman (Orphan Black) and produced by Jack Lechner (Good Will Hunting, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Blue Valentine) and Sarah Wharton (That’s Not Us). They are looking for investors for the final pieces of financing and will need to close by March 31st.

Naomi’s first feature film, Imagine I’m Beautiful, which she also wrote and starred in, won 12 awards on the film festival circuit and received a 10-city theatrical release. It’s available to watch on iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.

Sarah Kemp is now acting as Deputy Secretary at the Department of Commerce!

Tere Blanca has an interview featured in the South Florida Business Journal, “Tere Blanca on Forming her Firm during a Real Estate Recession”. Click here to read the article.

Evelyn D’An was also featured in the South Florida Business Journal as a member of a CFO round-table in the article “CFOs on Tackling Cybersecurity Threats and Defenses.” Click here to read the article.


2017 Face Book
We are in the final stages of editing the 2017 Face Book.

If you would like a hard copy of the Face Book mailed to you once it is finalized, please fill out this form.

A digital copy will be posted to the website.


New Web Page
We are working on a new page on the website to honor and remember our members who have passed.

If you have a memory that you would like to share, or something that you would like to contribute, please email Leslie Dube.

Click here to view the web page.


Adventures for the Mind 2016 Grant Update

The AFM board met in September and voted to award the following organization grants and scholarships:

2016 Funds Granted to date:

  • Jack & Jill, $5,000
  • America Solidaria, $5,000
  • FAU Student Scholarships, $15,000 ($7,500 for one undergraduate student, $7,500 for one graduate student)
  • Living Classrooms, $5,000
  • International Folk Art Alliance, $5,000
  • Mercado Global, $5,000
  • Kakenya Center for Excellence, $5,075
  • Unlimited World/Clear Eyes Clear Mind, $5,000
  • Ten Times Ten – $5,000
  • Funsepa – $5,000
  • Broadleaf – $5,000

Thank you for your support!


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“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

-Audrey Hepburn

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