November 2015 Update


Room Registration Opens Next Week!


March 10 – 14, 2016

16th Annual Belizean Grove Retreat – Cruise

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Celebrity Room Registration Opens on Monday, November 30th!  

All info about the cruise retreat will be posted on the retreat page – Click here to view the page and find out more information about the different types of rooms and how to book!

The Grove Program Registration will open in early December and will also be done through the retreat page.  These two registrations are completely separate and you must complete both in order to attend the Grove Retreat on board the Celebrity Constellation.


What the Grovers and Taras Have been Up to Lately…


Moved from Division Chair in Entrepreneurship to a new role, Vice Provost of Global Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College on Sept. 1st.  She will maintain her title, Franklin w. Olin Chair in Entrepreneurship and will be in charge of 4 global entrepreneurship research projects and 4 entrepreneurship Centers—Family Entrepreneurship, Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, Lewis Institute for Social Innovation, Blank Center for Entrepreneurship and Accelerator.


Joanie was awarded the 2015 Glass Ceiling Award at the Annual Florida Women’s Conference presented by the National Diversity Council.


Freddie is now officially on the Danone Digital Advisory Board.  Danone is a French multinational food-products corporation with four business lines: Fresh Dairy products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition. She will be advising them on how to define, manage and operationalize a pretty extensive digital transformation inclusive of their entire digital ecosystem properties, working with the CIO and creating new processes and teams.


Congratulations to Andrea on winning an Emmy Award for a film called “Dangerous Acts,” which is now available on HBO.


Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, Florida invited Susan to speak about the “Women on Board” book.  She will be speaking on March 3rd, 2016 from 6pm-7:30pm and has invited Julie Daum and Sherry Barrat for the panel.

“Women on Board: Insider Secrets to Getting on a Board and Succeeding as a Director”


Dorothy Hamilton will be recognized at Babson College in their Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs.

Here is a short video and the information that explains the event and the award


Heidi has been busy playing poker with the girls!  Take a minute to read a recent article in Fortune about her legendary poker games.


Edie and the Future Hunters have been busy looking at upcoming trends.  A few notable and interesting trends are listed below:

Water World:  The planet’s oceans are polluted with millions of tons of floating trash, much of it concentrated in giant, slow-moving whirlpools called gyres. Purifying even one, some experts estimate, could take millennia. But Dutch wunderkind Boyal Slat, a 21-year-old engineering-school dropout has come up with a way to do it in just a decade. His organization, the Ocean Cleanup, is devising a series of booms that would corral flotsam for extraction and eventual recycling, all the while allowing marine life to pass beneath undisturbed. After raising more than $2 million through crowdfunding, he is now working on a prototype for an especially infamous stretch of sea: the Northern Hemisphere’s Great Pacific Garbage Patch. “It’s our duty to prevent things from getting any worse,” says Slat.

Source:  Architectural Digest

Future Bikinis May Clean Up Oceans with Every Swim:  The Sponge Suit is swimwear made from a novel material that filters out pollutants from water so you keep the sea clean while you swim. It will have a 3D-printed elastoplastic skeleton that forms the shape. Spongy carbon fills in the spaces and acts as the filter. The carbon is very porous with microscopic holes in different sizes. Since the bonds between pollutants and the sponge will be so strong, they will be “stuck” inside almost permanently. If these sponges are melted (in temperatures about 1,000 degrees C), the pollutants easily separate and the carbon may be re-used. When the Sponge Suits are adapted into the mainstream, creators imagine special laundromats with the tools to “wash” the ocean-friendly pieces after use. According to the creators, “Re-programmability, recyclability and affordability are intriguing properties of the technology, allowing room for further research and development in clean-tech wearable. We aim for a future where everyone, with any shape and form of swimming outfit, can contribute to the cleanliness of the seas by a sports activity or simply a leisurely summer vacation.”



Haven’t updated your profile on the website yet? Not sure what to do?

Watch this short video for step-by-step instructions. (NOTE:  To make the video larger – click the small “4 arrows” icon at the bottom right of the video – to the right of the HD.)



Dear Belizean Grove Members,

It’s a pleasure to reach out to you as a follow-up to your visit to Guatemala. As FunSEPA (Fundación Sergio Paiz Andrade), we were one of your hosts at the dinner on January 22nd in Antigua Guatemala.

We are a young and innovation driven non-profit that is tangibly improving education quality on a national scale by leveraging the power of technology. Few organizations in the world can claim to have equipped over 5% of a nation’s schools and have trained over 50% of its entire public-school teacher population.

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today to share the news of our new operations in U.S.A.. As a 501 (c) (3) American non-profit we will be able to expand our fundraising reach and thus leverage our existing “tech-in-education” projects. Our first fundraising initiative will be through the “GivingTuesday” movement. On December 1, the entire world will choose a non-profit of their preference (or several) and will help the cause by making a donation, however small or large. “Giving Tuesday” is the worldwide-recognized day for donating.

I would humbly ask for your consideration as we’re a non-profit that delivers one of the highest returns per dollar invested. Please do take a look at our campaign video: ( If you believe in the power of technology to affect change, please share it widely. Help us spread the word. FunSEPA’s 2016 goal in the USA is to generate enough support to install computers in public schools for over 250,000 kids. An ambitious goal, but doable with a little bit of help from all our friends. ($5,000 = One full computer lab at a public school of roughly 400 kids).

Our modest overhead is covered by our founding sponsors. Therefore, every single dollar that we receive from donors goes directly towards improving education. We are at the forefront of innovation in the usage of technology to enhance education. In addition, we are proud to have implemented some of the most cost-effective technology and knowledge delivery programs in the world! This unparalleled combination allows us to maximize the impact of every investment dollar.

In the non-profit arena, there is a lot of worthy competition but there is also a lot of noise. We are new to this space and are hoping that our friends can help us spread the word about FunSEPA. Children in Guatemala receive less than 5 years of schooling. Our research shows that computers are enough of an incentive to increase their years of schooling and, when properly implemented, improve their grades by several percentage points. On behalf of the children of Guatemala please help us spread the word about FunSEPA.

Please do let us know if you would like to learn more about us and about how we’re already improving education on a national scale. We hope that your visit to Guatemala left an indelible imprint in your heart. We would be honored to partner with you towards making an imprint on the life of so many Guatemalan kids.

Warm regards,

Salvador Paiz

For further information please contact me at or Teresa von Hartz at / +1 305 280 8447

“Taking Joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic”

– Rosalind Russell

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