“In the best BG way, Lorna and I went deep fast and became friends. In addition to rooming together from Rio on, I joined her on an Outward Bound hiking and sailing trip in Croatia. I often told her that I enjoyed her dichotomies. A corporate wife who loved masks and costumes. Exquisitely groomed even in fleece using rustic latrines. Minister’s daughter with cutting humor and a witty touch of snark.

And we had great giggles late at night. Her insights, enthusiasm, and friendship will be missed.”

-Christine Jacobs

“Lorna was the very essence of BG.  She was smart-as-hell, funny, authentic, generous, demanding, open, engaged, curious, and above all, results-oriented.  I feel so incredibly lucky to have known her.  Thank you for making that a part of my life. Many moons ago, I bought a weekend at her “jewel box” in NYC from the BG Auction.  It could not have been a better reflection of all that she held dear.  How I now treasure those days.     Dona nobis pacem, my dear.”

-Lois Scott

“Lorna always embraced the Grove spirit of fun….and loved to dress up for costume night. I remember her in cowboy duds riding a mechanical bull in Ecuador, in full Day of the Dead make-up in Cartagena, and in her most over-the-top feather headdress in Rio.   We first met on a Grove after trip to Havana, and she kept me laughing and inspired, ever since. No one had more passion for life, passion for fairness (e. g. her groundbreaking work for equality in marriage), our passion for family and friendship. She will always have a very special place in my heart.”

-Penny Peters

“I had to go halfway around the world to meet Lorna.  We met on safari in Kenya, on New Year’s Eve, 1999. The century changed the next day, and so did my life. Lorna introduced me to castles in Spain, mansions in Provence, and a gazillion other wonderful experiences. She knew how to live life fully!  And she lived a life of meaning.  Her passions were her family, women’s issues, and music.  She has left an awesome legacy…I shall miss her so very much.”   

-Barbara Colwell