April 2016 Newsletter


Getting Ready for Atlanta!

(September 15-16, 2016) Skyline of Midtown Atlanta, Georgia from Piedmont ParkSkyline of Midtown Atlanta, Georgia from Piedmont Park

Atlanta Piedmont Park Reduced

Thank you to everyone for your interest and participation in the survey that went out a few weeks ago.  We have an idea of what people are interested in and are working on some specific pre and post event plans.
We aren’t quite ready for registration yet but please visit the Atlanta Retreat page for general information, hotel block, pre and post retreat ideas, etc.

Click HERE to visit the Atlanta Retreat Page

Save the Date – Cuba!

January 26-30, 2017

17th Annual Belizean Grove Retreat in Havana, Cuba!

Vintage multi-coloured taxis in Cuba

Save the Date – Santa Fe 2017!

September 14-16, 2017

Belizean Grove 2017 Mini Retreat – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Southwest House Details


What the Grovers and TARAs have been up to lately…


Catherine Allen was interviewed in Equilar’s C-Suite Magazine Winter Edition 2016 on A New Generation of Governance.

Catherine Allen was asked to write an article for Directors and Boards for the 2015 Annual Report on Making the Case for a Security Committee of the Board.

Catherine Allen was interviewed in Agenda Magazine in an article on Environmental Issues Top Regulatory Concern for Directors.


After 15 years at Lincolnshire, Kate has decided to start her own private equity firm (and to continue to be active on corporate and non-profit boards).  They are just beginning the fundraising process.

Kate has requested that anyone who would like to reach her via email for non-direct work correspondence use katelehman13@gmail.com


A note from Alison Winter…

Many of you heard an abbreviated version of my talk on “Financial Preparedness” when we were in Cartegena some years ago.  And I have gotten some great feedback from many of you since.

This project, after giving many talks in the interim, has morphed into a new web site called Gracious Exit (www.graciousexit.com), and I am also beginning a companion book.   This web site and book are about planning for the end of our lives, or helping others do that.   Planning in the sense of how to make sure your spouse/adult children know how to take care of things on your behalf if you are incapacitated, and ultimately when you are gone, to honor and celebrate you the way you want and deserve to be remembered.

Rita Foley and I shared a passion for this, and I posted a blog about her book, which you can see on the Gracious Exit web site.

I need your help.  I want to collect real life stories that I can use in my book, and would love to interview as many of you who want to share.   Some will be stories of how beautiful a memorial service was, others will be those all-too-frequent stories of knowing nothing about what the person wanted, where things were, what advance plans had been made.  It can also be a time of conflict among siblings when the parent left problems and wishes unsolved. I would like to have a variety of stories that are on all different subjects surrounding the end of a life and also about creating and sharing a legacy.

If you would like to be interviewed, send me an e-mail, and we can set up a mutually agreeable time.  Also, know that it will be your call, after you have signed off on the copy, to use real names, made up names, first names only, whatever you are most comfortable.  At the same time, I cannot guarantee that every story will get used, but likely it will be used either in the book or in a blog.

As recompense:  I will give you a free copy of the workbooks well before the interview, and when/if I publish the book, you will also get a free copy of that.

Email Alison at alisonwinter@aol.com and reference “The Gracious Exit.”


Lisbeth, in her Corporate Venture and innovation executive role in San Francisco got a mention in Forbes (linked below).

Is Change In The Wind For Women Entrepreneurs Raising Capital? – Forbes


On May 12th the US Council on Competitiveness (www.compete.org) will hold our 4th “American Energy and Manufacturing Competitiveness Summit” in partnership with the Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative and the Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

This Summit will highlight, in particular, the regional manufacturing and energy opportunities and challenges from the perspective of America’s resurgent Northeast. CUNY Chancellor JB Milliken will host the Summit at City College of New York’s Great Hall in Manhattan – and Richard Kauffman, Chairman of Energy and Finance in the Office of the Governor of New York, will keynote.

The event is free to attend, and we encourage you and your colleagues to join us by registering online. There is no fee.  By invitation only we are only including a dejected group of American leaders at the forefront of this transformation.

You can register for and learn more about the Summit at its registration page.


Welcome New Grovers!

The Grove Membership Committee had our Spring meeting and recently voted in 6 new Grovers. 
A warm Grove welcome to these amazing new members!

(Click on each new member’s name to view her Bio)

Senior Media and Entertainment Analyst
BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research
Former Intelligence Officer for the CIA
Partner, IBM Global Business Services
General Partner of Rustic Canyon/Fontis Partners
Former Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security and former member of the US House of Representatives
Manufacturing executive, NYSE corporate board member and non-profit board leader


Haven’t updated your profile on the website yet? Not sure what to do?

Watch this short video for step-by-step instructions. (NOTE:  To make the video larger – click the small “4 arrows” icon at the bottom right of the video – to the right of the HD.)


“I don’t know where I’m going.  But I’m going.
Are you are coming with me?”
– Anonymous

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