Retreat Fee Policy

Retreat Fees Policy 

Purpose: Travel to and participation toin in-person events is part of the Grove mission: “The key purpose of the Belizean Grove is to bring members together to provide insight and better understanding of the complex issues the world is facing and to share expertise in looking for solutions and contributions made both as individuals and as a “Community of Trust.” Retreat registration fees are the main way of covering costs of the Belizean Grove’s in-person retreats and mini-retreats, and occasionally city-specific gatherings where the entire membership is invited.

Who is Covered: All members of the Belizean Grove

Policy: The Belizean Grove retreats are the amazing, educational, energizing moments in which the women of the Grove sisterhood come together to learn, network, build friendships, and support one another. It is the core activity of the organization. Belizean Grove members across all cohorts of members are expected to attend the Annual Retreat and, if possible, the mini-retreats, to be considered a member in good standing.

Retreat registration fees are charged to all attendees. Fees are used to cover expenses such as rental of space, food, beverages, A/V, entertainment, event staff, and administrative costs, among other items.  Additionally, members pay for their own accommodations and travel costs.

It is the goal of the Belizean Grove to keep retreat fees as low as reasonable to host a high-quality event in a safe, clean, and fun environment. We aim to host retreats in hotels/areas where there are multiple price points for accommodations, so members can select their preferred price point.

Timing: Annually there will be the flagship retreat, typically held in January or February and lasting 3-4 days; and a mini retreat, typically held in September or October, lasting 1-2 days.

Cohorts: Retreat fees are the same for all attendees, regardless of cohort.

Impact [Culture and Arts?] Scholarships:  Members who receive Impact Scholarships will also pay a reduced Retreat Fee, that will be determined annually, but expected to be in the range of half that year’s Fee.

Retreat Chairpersons: In recognition of the significant effort needed to plan and host a retreat, including identifying, negotiating and booking venues, planning sessions, finding panelists, managing logistics, etc, the retreat committee co-chairs’ retreat fees and accommodation expenses are waived for that given year.

Retreat Fee Setting Process: The retreat fee is set each year based on the location of the event, projected attendance, projected expenses, and other retreat-specific factors, with the goal of keeping retreat fees as low as possible to still run the event effectively. Historically, international retreats have had fewer attendees and have struggled to break even, while US events attract more attendees and have sometimes run a surplus. When setting the retreat fees, the goal is to cover the costs of the event, with a small surplus to deal with any unexpected expenses.