Gail founded the law firm of Jacoby & Meyers, the first law firm to break tradition and advertise on television.  She was committed to affordable and accessible legal services to all.  A founding member of the Grove, she was with us the very first year in Belize.  Her focus on health was partly an outgrowth of her ongoing bout with blood cancer, and she led us all in yoga every year, every morning, even as she was undergoing a protracted and difficult divorce along with her medical issues.  Gail was a keen learner, a fast laugher, and an ardent sunbather.  And she was always deeply engaged with her friends, remembering all their trials and tribulations, and showing up to celebrate all of our happy occasions.  Her children meant the world to her, but there was nothing she wouldn’t do for her friends.  She embodied all that the Grove stood for, and we miss her still.

-Edie Weiner

Gail was strikingly beautiful (she was featured in a full-page Eileen Fisher ad) and had a style all her own. She was a trailblazer in her industry.

Gail left an amazing legacy in her children and an indelible friendship on all who were fortunate to have met her.  I felt so lucky to have been among them.

-Judy Abrams