Adventures for the Mind


The Adventures for the Mind (AFM) Foundation is focused on the advancement of women and girls educationally, financially and socially around the world. AFM Foundation provides funds to organizations that address key women’s issues such as economic and environmental justice, health, civic and political participation, education and training, and social change that meet the needs of women and girls in local countries and communities. AFM Foundation is the charitable arm of the Belizean Grove.

Positive Impact

The money raised over the years has allowed AFM to continue to help women and girls in need across the globe! These are organizations that are close to the hearts of members. The money that has been raised has gone to charities we have worked with in the countries we have visited, as well as your own local charities.

AFM was able to support these amazing organizations and others because of YOU!

AFM Committee:

Lynn Hubbard – Co-chair (Tara)
Lilie Clark – Co-Chair (Tara)
Helayne Angelus (Grover)
Diane Ashley (Grover)
Ashley Davis (Tara)
Elaine Eisenman (Grover)
Leigh Martin (Nyomi)
Lucy Pamboukdjian (Tara)
Judy Quintana (Nyomi)
Susan Stautberg (Grover)

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Grant Guidelines (click here)

2016 Grants

Jack & Jill ($5,000)
America Solidaria ($5,000)
FAU Student Scholarships ($15,000) ($7,500 for one undergraduate student, $7,500 for one graduate student)
Living Classrooms ($5,000)
International Folk Art Alliance ($5,000)
Mercado Global ($5,000)
Kakenya Center for Excellence ($5,075)
Unlimited World/Clear Eyes Clear Mind ($5,000)
Ten Times Ten ($5,000)
Funsepa ($5,000)
Broadleaf ($5,000)

2015 Grants

Save the Children Federation ($10,000)
Grupo Saquil ($15,000)
International Folk Art Alliance ($10,000)
Asopuente ($15,000)
BPeace ($5,000)
Jobpath ($10,000)
Mercado Global ($15,000)
Sergio Paiz Andrade/Funsepa ($15,000)
Sheva ($15,000)
WINGS ($15,000)

2014 Grants

Fundacion Calicanto ($15,000)
Vital Voices Global Partnership ($12,500)
Jack & Jill Children’s Center ($5,000)
She-Can (formerly Open a Door Foundation) ($5,000)
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas ($5,000)
The Gate Project ($5,000)
Student Financial Aid ($3,500)

2012 Grants

Santa Fe International Folk Art Alliance ($5,000)
The White House Project ($3,000)
American Red Cross ($10,000)
Punta Cana Ecological Foundation ($20,000)
ADOPEM ($10,000)
Fundacion Cerrejon Guajira Indigena ($5,800)
International Enterprises Associates ($5,800)

2011 Grants

Sante Fe International Folk Art ($10,000)