Adventures for the Mind

The Adventures for the Mind (AFM) Foundation was created as the charitable arm of the Belizean Grove in order to advance the status of women and girls educationally, financially, and socially around the world.

2015 Grants Funded
  • Save the Children Federation ($10,000)
  • Grupo Saquil ($15,000)
  • International Folk Art Alliance ($10,000)
  •  Asopuente ($15,000)
  • BPeace ($5,000)
  • Jobpath  ($10,000)
  • Mercado Global ($15,000)
  • Sergio Paiz Andrade/Funsepa ($15,000)
  • Sheva ($15,000)
  • WINGS ($15,000)
2017 Grants Funded
  • Jack & Jill
  • America Solidaria
  • International Folk Art Alliance
  • Mercado Global
  • Kakenya Center for Excellence
  • Clear Eyes Clear Mind
  • Ten Times Ten (Girl Rising)
  • A.C. Trazando Espacios

2016 Grants Funded
  • Jack & Jill, $5,000
  • America Solidaria, $5,000
  • FAU Student Scholarships, $15,000 ($7,500 for one undergraduate student, $7,500 for one graduate student)
  • Living Classrooms, $5,000
  • International Folk Art Alliance, $5,000
  • Mercado Global, $5,000
  • Kakenya Center for Excellence, $5,075
  • Unlimited World/Clear Eyes Clear Mind, $5,000
  • Ten Times Ten – $5,000
  • Funsepa – $5,000
  • Broadleaf – $5,000
2018 Grants Funded

Board Members: Melissa Means, Susan Stautberg, Helayne Angelus, Edie Weiner,
Amy Kaslow, Evelyn D’An, Faith Frank

Read More About the Organizations


Tracing Public Spaces is a nonprofit organization based in Caracas, Venezuela, focused on teaching and building citizenship through participatory design to transform public spaces. We propose an educational project of social inclusion where children and young adults learn OBSERVATION, DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION tools to transform the spaces of their community.


A nonprofit with an extensive network in the Americas, América Solidaria aims to overcome childhood poverty through projects on health, education, and economic empowerment. With the belief that a more just and unified America is possible, they open global perspectives, erase borders, and work together to overcome poverty and exclusion.

Their mission is to strengthen local communities with high poverty rates by placing long-term professional volunteers within organizations working at the grassroots level. Female empowerment is central to our mission of connecting people and countries in the Western Hemisphere to ensure that no child lives in poverty. Historically marginalized, women are among the most likely to experience poverty. However, when women surmount economic and domestic obstacles, they promote inclusive norms in the workforce, education, and policy.


Asopuente strives to prevent chronic malnutrition and reduce extreme poverty. They focus on forming partnerships with women and their families in order to change habits and daily practices. From 2012 to 2015, they were able to reduce the chronic malnutrition index in each community they serve by 6%.


Broadleaf is committed to developing innovative approaches to community development in rural areas of the Eastern Himalayas. They provide evidence-based health and education interventions that produce tangible improvements to participants’ well being, and to remove barriers so that participants can reach their full potential as agents of change in their communities.

Broadleaf partners with economically disadvantaged communities in India’s rural Darjeeling Hills by mobilizing existing resources to fill voids in health and education services. Trained community members work to improve the health of children and families by delivering health education, basic primary care, efficient referrals to professional services, and an improved school health environment.


More Jobs Mean Less Violence.® Bpeace believes the path to peace is lined with jobs. Bpeace is the nonprofit network of volunteer business experts who work with entrepreneurs in conflict-affected countries to scale their businesses, create significant employment for all and expand the economic power of women.

Bpeace taps its coalition of 400+ business professionals to offer pro bono consulting expertise, technical assistance, networks and proven methodologies to help established entrepreneurs expand their businesses, increase profitability, create new employment, retain and attract customers, and access markets and capital. Bpeace tailors a two- to three-year investment in each entrepreneur—a mix of consulting, training, mentoring, out-of-country apprenticeships and business site visits, employee technical training, equipment, technology, branding and marketing, and networking opportunities.


The Florida Atlantic University Foundation Inc. is a charitable nonprofit and direct support organization established for the benefit of Florida Atlantic University (FAU). FAU pursues excellence in its mission of teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, and active engagement with its community.

They want women to reach their highest potential in the critical areas of marine science and ocean engineering. FAU can inspire them to excel in areas where they have been historically underrepresented through scholarships, which remove financial barriers. Women can study, research and develop solutions in the dynamic worlds of science and engineering. Awards from $5,000 to $15,000 can be career-defining for students with a passion for the ocean and the will to succeed.


Founded in 2002, FUNSEPA’s objective is to improve the quality of education in Guatemala through the innovative use of technology. FUNSEPA provides computer labs and computer training to teachers in Guatemalan public primary schools. FUNSEPA’s activities have transformed educational practices by providing students and teachers with skills that transcend the educational field and build human capital with 21st​ century skills. FUNSEPA empowers communities, teachers, and administrators to implement progressive technology curriculum in the classroom.


Their mission is to develop a supply chain and branding platform that provides rural women with dependable income.  Grupo Saqil operates several inter-related organizations which encompass the process from skills training and micro-enterprise management all the way through to distribution and sales on a worldwide basis.

Comunidades de la Tierra, part of Grupo Saqil, has developed a thoughtful and effective inclusive business methodology that addresses rural Guatemala’s severe poverty and malnutrition rates.  It starts in the rural communities by training groups of women to produce high quality, beautiful jewelry and accessories. The training is extensive, lasting two years, and by month four of the program, the women are already earning income. Paired with its sister enterprise, the Wakami lifestyle brand creates the demand for the fair-trade products.


The International Folk Art Alliance (IFAA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to celebrate and preserve living folk art traditions and create economic opportunities for and with folk artists worldwide.

Allied with the world’s master folk artists, IFAA has produced the International Folk Art Market I Santa Fe and created programs that result in transformative changes and address basic needs in communities around the world including access to clean drinking water, girls in school, improved health care and thriving folk art communities. IFAA values the humanity of the hand-made, honors timeless cultural traditions, and embraces the vision of dignified livelihoods for folk artists across the globe.

IFAA serves a diverse group of international artisans from approximately 60 countries, 54% are women, who are struggling to maintain their livelihoods and cultural traditions.


It is the mission of Jack and Jill Children’s Center to break the cycle of poverty for children of low-income working families through the provision of quality early childhood education and family strengthening services.

Jack & Jill is the oldest nonprofit provider of early childhood education in Broward county. Established in 1942 by the Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale to provide childcare for middle class women entering the workforce as their husbands fought in World War II.   As the profile of families changed to primarily single parent households with diminishing family support systems, Jack & Jill evolved to become a community-based program, serving the working poor of Broward County.


Job Path supports people with developmental disabilities as they make choices about their lives and play valued roles in their communities.  They support them to lead independent lives.

Their programs help people find jobs, live in their own homes and become involved in community life. Their employment programs help anyone who wants to work no matter the amount of support she might need; Community Supports is an alternative to traditional day habilitation and people actively participate in the life of their communities; Supported Living is an alternative to the group home model; Life Coaching addresses the needs of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


KCE seeks to advance the development of Africa by creating transformational initiatives designed to equip rural girls to expand their horizons and realize their full potential.

KCE’s vision is to provide girls with an education that prepares them to be leaders in our community, nation and world. In 2009, KCE opened its doors to become Enoosaen’s first primary school for girls, where students are challenged to become what they dream to be in life. They serve the area’s most vulnerable and underprivileged girls and focus on academic excellence, health education, female empowerment, leadership and community development. They support and challenge our girls while providing them with an environment that allows them to discover their passions and realize their true potential.


Living Classrooms strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training, using urban, natural, and maritime resources as “living classrooms.” They believe students respond to real-world applications of academics and the “work world” far more readily than they do in a traditional classroom.

Living Classrooms Foundation began in 1985 in Baltimore and expanded in 2001 to Washington, DC with the goal of disrupting the cycle of poverty in urban areas. They have developed a distinctive competency in experiential learning, and serve over 40,000 youth and adults annually with hands-on education, job training, and health and wellness programming. Their programs give youth the skills needed to be successful academically, in the workplace, and in their lives.


Mercado Global empowers rural indigenous Mayan women to break the cycle of poverty by connecting them to international markets, fostering sustainable livelihoods, and pioneering a socially responsible business model within the fashion industry.

Mercado Global is a nonprofit social enterprise that leverages the power of international markets to provide life-changing opportunities to indigenous women in Guatemala. Since 2004, Mercado Global has connected over 450 artisans to international retailers such as Anthropologie, Comptoir des Cotonniers, J.Crew, Pamela Love, and Levi Strauss & Co. Trainings provide artisans with tools to successfully invest newly-earned income, allowing women to make investments in areas such as family savings, children’s education, and their own businesses.


Save the Children gives children in the United States and around the world what every child deserves — a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and care when disaster strikes.


Empowering girls by providing them necessary tools for them to learn how to access a universe of information using technology.  SHEVA harnesses the power of people and companies to empower girls and young women in Guatemala.

They are on a mission to provide the necessary tools for girls to learn how to access a universe of information through technology. By being informed, girls and women have the freedom to decide for themselves and to reach their maximum potential. Sheva supports Guatemala’s greatest untapped potential: girls living in rural areas ages 13‐25.


Girl Rising’s mission is to change the way the world values the girl and advance a future in which every girl has the chance to go to school, succeed in school and become a healthy and productive member of her community.  When girls are educated, communities thrive and economies grow.

Girl Rising began as a groundbreaking feature film showcasing the stories of nine unforgettable girls around the world. The film illustrates specific barriers that hold girls back across the globe: early marriage, gender-based violence, child labor, and persistent gender discrimination. Through their ENGAGE program, Girl Rising is now taking the power of storytelling to the DRC – one of the places in the world where it is most difficult to be a girl.


Their vision is to create a socio-cultural change among all, to enjoy a better world. Through research, experts, world leaders, projects, conferences, books and people like all of us who have learned through experience, they aspire to fulfill our objective. Here they share information, events, seminars, creative projects, academic developments and media ventures to a motivating and courageous community that dares to believe that anything is possible.


WINGS creates opportunities for Guatemalan families to improve their lives through family planning education and access to reproductive health services.

WINGS take a holistic approach to reproductive health that recognizes the barriers to exercising rights at the local level.  Their staff empowers community members, especially indigenous women and girls, to know and advocate for their reproductive rights and bring their voices to the forefront of the decision-making process. Working in predominately rural, indigenous, and low-income provinces throughout Guatemala, they provide comprehensive sexual education, local capacity-building, a range of contraceptive methods, and STI and cervical cancer prevention services.